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How To Make Money While Traveling

Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end.” Buddha

We are on this page because we want to be traveling, location-independent families. So how can we support ourselves while living this lifestyle? Nomads are not stationary, sitting in an office from 9 am-5 pm. I believe it is a challenge we newbies face when deciding to take the leap from living our comfortable lives in the suburbs to traveling the world with our families. Yet people all over are proving that it is possible to live their dream lifestyle. My husband and I have had many discussions on ways of making money.

There are many sources providing different ideas for how to make money while traveling. Here is a list of just a few of the ways you can make money while traveling:

Upwork and Fiverr and for freelance work. These options can be a solution

to begin working right away. has a variety of jobs ranging from programmers to designers, writers, customer support reps, etc. is a platform for freelancers that offers services worldwide. With Fiverr, you get paid $5 to do pretty much anything. If you include add-on services to the base $5 asking price you can increase your income.

Both are worth looking into for either freelance work or outsourcing work for your current business.

Teach English Online To Non-English Speakers

There are companies that pay native English speakers from English-speaking countries to teach students.

Pay can range between $15-$25 USD per hour but will depend on the company and your experience. Whether you are looking to make money on a short-term basis or you have a passion for it and want to make it a career, the opportunity is out there.

SEO Marketing and Web Design

If you have some basic programming or computer skills you may be able to work in the field of web design or SEO marketing. Web designers put together websites, layout the look of a site, and logo design. SEO consultants help you naturally rank higher on search engines by reviewing your site and offering recommendations for improved search engine results.

House sitting

House-sitting and pet-sitting can be great options if you are looking to travel and want to forgo the cost of accommodations. It is usually done as an exchange of services. In exchange for a free place to stay, your job is to care for the home and/or pets, tend to the garden, or take care of the pool, etc., There is no money involved. If you are open to where you plan on traveling, house and pet-sitting can be a great option. Reputable house-sitting websites may charge an annual fee of anywhere between $30-$99.

House Swapping

House swapping is done when there is an exchange of homes for a period of time between individuals or families. Just like in house sitting, there is no exchange of money. There are predetermined dates for the swap and both parties stay in the homes free of charge.

Do What You Know

Another option is using the expertise you have to get work on the go. If you are a photographer or videographer, utilize those skills to get a job in the tourism or travel arena. Hairdressers can look into cutting hair at hostels or by reaching out to ex-patriots on social media. Bartenders can work at resorts or hotels. Whatever your skill, try seeking it out in resorts or tourist areas in your location.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about the possibilities of how to make money while traveling. By using skills you have or can acquire, or simply exchanging services for accommodations, there are ways to make money to help support your travels.

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