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About Full-Time Travel

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This is the story of a dad, a mom, and their two sons. They live a humble middle-class lifestyle. Think house in the suburbs, car payment, and jobs. Dad is a freelancer and has the opportunity to work from home. Mom is mostly home with the kids and works on-call for the school district.


In April 2018 an idea was born to sell everything, work digitally, homeschool, and travel the world with the kids. That was how the Untethered Family journey began. Check out the first blog post titled Nomadic Family Lifestyle to understand the thought process a little deeper. This is what the next chapter of the story will be.


To someone who is new to this idea, it sounds completely unconventional. Luckily, they are not your average family. This dream has been in the making for years and they do not want to wait for life to happen but rather live every moment that happens in life. 


So please feel free to come along for their journey to see where life takes them and what adventures lie in store. Maybe you will get inspired to dip your toes in the water or dive headfirst. Their hope is to bring inspiration and show you around this great planet of ours. Cheers!

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