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A New Season

Ok, so what happened to that band of wandering gypsies?! Sometimes you need to just kick up your heels and chillax in your hammock. After 2 years of traveling like rockstars, we decided to sip sweet tea from the Adirondack chair and breathe in that salty air.

We found a temporary home in Myrtle Beach where we can regroup and strategize our game plan. Since we stayed here last year and had a blast, it seemed the best choice. Economically it is a good place to build some savings. My faith is in home prices dropping and our home state of California will be ready to welcome us back. In the meantime, good times are to be had in Surfside/Myrtle Beach. It has been a new experience staying at campground communities the past two months and having private access to beaches and recreational activities.

Our travels have taught me some things about our family that I thought were true when we were in California because we were stationary, but no, it still remains the same. We love our creature comforts and my lot are definitely homebodies. We all agree we still want to travel to new places, especially other countries, but we want to do it with a home base.

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