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What You Should Know When Purchasing Travel Insurance

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Travel Insurance Coverage

People want to know that they are covered while on their trip, not just hope they are covered.

Finding out there is no coverage on a condition that occurs while traveling is an absolute deal-breaker. It is unequivocally necessary to verify your potential travel insurance policy covers conditions that may occur during your trip.

Use The Old Fashioned Telephone

Make a phone call to the travel insurance company you're thinking of using, versus just relying on email. This will give you some input as to their level of quality customer service:

  • Do they pick up the phone promptly, or are you sent to an automated menu?

  • Are they able to find things quickly, or have you been placed on hold again?

  • Is it pass the buck, and you are getting transferred to every operator in every department? Or are they able to handle your call in a reasonable fashion?

Sometimes a simple phone call can save you the headache of what may be in your future if you ever need to contact someone over an actual claim.

Understand Your Policy

Be sure you understand what is stated in the policy as far as coverage goes.

What is their claim process and how long does it take to process claims?

Are forgotten items covered, along with lost and stolen ones?

Does your travel insurance cover broken bones or urgent medical care/hospitalization?

Are there stipulations around an accident that could prevent the travel insurance from covering the injury?

Which hospitals are covered?

Trouble At The Airport

Do they cover lost luggage or flight delays?

What are the steps for getting compensated?

Do they require you to resolve it with the airline first before filing a claim with your travel insurance policy? If so, is there a specific form that needs to be filled out by the airline?

How quickly will your travel insurance compensate upon completion of that form?

Keep A Copy Of Your Travel Insurance Policy

Before you begin your adventure, make two copies of your travel insurance policy. Keep one copy for yourself while traveling and leave a copy with a family member or trusted friend.

Pre-existing Conditions

It is recommended to contact a travel insurance company if you have some type of pre-existing condition prior to paying for a policy online.

Most policies that offer coverage for pre-existing conditions are done on a case-by-case basis and some companies may not cover you at all. Other companies may require you to fill out a medical assessment form, or pay an additional premium in order to get insured.

Adventure Sports

Know if the policy covers a helicopter rescue on its own, even if you have not broken any bones.

Prepare further questions that relate to your particular sport in the event of a possible emergency scenario.

Car Rental

Find out if your policy includes a car rental if that is something that pertains to your trip. Some people end up purchasing supplemental car rental insurance when it is already included as part of their travel insurance package.


Is cancellation coverage provided if there was trouble obtaining visas that required canceling a trip?


Know what is covered in the event of a death in the family that requires your return home. Some policies reimburse their clients for a return ticket. Furthermore, they may compensate you for a new ticket to the country you were visiting prior to the death.

Have A Cushion

Some things, no matter how well we complete our due diligence are out of our control.

If possible, try and have some emergency cash reserves in the event there is no coverage on a particular incident with your travel insurance. This can put you at ease while traveling, knowing you won’t completely have to sacrifice a year-long trip, because an illness or condition occurred that wasn’t covered under your policy.

Best Way To Compare & Learn More

  • Comparison shop online to find some possibilities that you can research.

  • Ask a friend, family, colleague, or other business associates for referrals.

  • Check around on forums or social media groups.

  • Look to like-minded people for their suggestions.

Where To Purchase Travel Insurance

One great way to purchase travel insurance is through a reputable company with an affordable policy like Sunset Travel. My parent’s travel agency offers just that and a personal touch. I do not get affiliate proceeds or a commission for promoting it.

Additional comparison travel insurance websites that you might want to try are:

1., which is an Australian-based company

2. In the U.S.A., check out

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