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Surfside Beach, SC Road Trip

Thanksgiving Holiday with mom 2020

Untethered Family Update

Hey, travel club! It has been such an exciting year for our family. Although a lot has happened around the world, especially, right here in the US, we have managed to make the best of circumstances and follow our destiny. I couldn’t be “quaranteamed” with a better pod. I am thankful for every minute of it.

It is unbelievable it has been one year since we sold our home, our possessions started homeschooling, and began our journey traveling Canada and the USA!

We didn’t know what to expect when we started this process. An idea was born, a process was followed, and then it all came to fruition, our dream of seeing the world as a family.

There were times when we questioned ourselves. It is such an unconventional move that it seemed surreal at times. Then COVID hit and everyone was virtual schooling and we realized we did the right thing at the right time.

It has been a blessing to travel and live in so many places that we would have never known if we didn’t go for it.

After leaving Greenville, SC, we found an amazing place directly across the street from the ocean in Surfside Beach, SC (about 20 min from Myrtle Beach).

Halloween in Surfside Beach, SC

Life on the beach is truly something special. I was so grateful to make this my (temporary) home. The balcony was my favorite spot, with its hammocks, views of the ocean, birds chirping, and golf carts driving by with beachgoers. The weather is mild and warm with light ocean breezes. Sunrises are amazing and sunsets are soothing. But, our time here was coming to an end.

Lisbon, Portugal

Next, was to figure out where we would go. We attempted to go to Portugal in March of 2020, right before the pandemic, but that plan got canceled. September of 2020, we decided it was time to start working on our visas to try and get to Portugal again. After research, a lot of effort, and paperwork, we were approved for our visas at the beginning of January 2021. We sold our car and the last of our possessions, before heading to Europe. Getting those visas will be a whole other article!

Life is just better by the beach!

Life in Surfside Beach

In the meantime, Vallen enjoyed going to the playgrounds, the library, and the beach daily.

We baked, read, played video games, lots of Monopoly and card games, science experiments, and we hung out on our balcony swinging in the hammocks or enjoying meals together.

The beach here was very relaxed and we to know some of the residents in our condo. The other day I met an older gentleman (we saw him often) walking his dog, Scout (a rescue), almost daily, and occasionally his girlfriend’s dog, Hannah the Daschund.

Evenings were so pleasant here, especially near the end of October. I would go out on the balcony at 9 pm and write. The only sound that could be heard was that of the ocean waves or the occasional car. The low orange glow of the street lights at eye level to my balcony illuminating the palm trees and the beautiful rainbow of pastel-colored stilt homes along Ocean Blvd.

It was so safe and peaceful, you would even see an occasional woman out jogging, or a man walking a dog well after dark.

Places of Interest

Huntington Beach State Park, Lee’s Farmers Market, Nostalgia City & Museum, Car Wash bubbles

While visiting the Grand Strand we enjoyed walking around Barefoot Landing in N. Myrtle Beach. A mini stop at Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, and a little looksy at Pawley’s Island, and Murrells Inlet Marshwalk. Other places we enjoyed were our local library, Fuller Playground, and the All Children’s playground. Vallen got to play with the same kids as we kept going to the same parks all the time. One of the benefits of staying put for a few months.

Another great place to walk around is The Market Common and Savannah’s Playground. We stumbled upon this area and enjoyed spending time walking around the shops and hanging out at the park. There are historic sites, a lake, a fitness course. Great shopping at the Tanger Outlets.

Had to mention, The Great Christmas Light Show North Myrtle Beach Park and Sports Complex. There weren’t a lot of Christmas lights and decorations in Surfside Beach, since it is more of a vacation spot, so it was nice to have a place to take the kids for a beautiful drive-through display of lights. There was even Santa’s Village available to get some hot chocolate, S’mores roasting stations, a petting zoo, train rides, etc.

Got Beachwear?

The one thing you will never have too much of in the beach communities here are resort wear shops. They are a dime a dozen. Some are gimmicky and try to entice you with various novelties like a shark tank, or nothing over $5.99 (which is ultimately a small corner in the very back of the store). But our favorite was the Nostalgia City & Museum. It has all your typical souvenirs, hermit crabs, Myrtle Beach emblazoned clothing and accessories, and of course everything and anything needed for the beach. But, the coolest part is the museum. Vincent and I had fun browsing and taking photos of antique cars, Betty Boop, memorabilia, and vintage items. There was even a selfie stick that we couldn’t help but “test out” see the photo in the collage above!

In all honesty, though, we just enjoyed living right across the street from the beach. I loved running over on a whim to catch a sunset or getting up early, grabbing a coffee to view the sunrise. And I have way too many photos of dusk and dawn from my balcony to count.

Home For The Holidays

Barefoot Landing, Atalaya Castle, and Surfside Beach with mom ❤️

Home For The Holidays?

We originally planned to go back to mom’s place for the holiday season, but after planning to try for our visas, we decided to stay in Surfside. That would be a lot of back and forth across the country.

Mom didn’t want to miss the second year of Christmas without her kids (last year we were in Canada), so she flew over for Thanksgiving!

It was so much fun showing her some of our favorite places and trying some new ones with her. Thanksgiving was a blast. The day started with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, a walk on the beach, and a traditional Thanksgiving feast. This year we opted to give spatchcocking a try and grilling the turkey vs. baking it in the oven. Google it, it’s a pretty cool technique.

Thanks to awesome weather, we were able to enjoy dinner on the balcony. Folks on golf carts drove by and waved from Ocean Boulevard and yelled out, “Happy Thanksgiving.”

Sweet & Hot Ice Cream Shop, Murrells Inlet Marshwalk, grilling the turkey.

Safe Travels

Happy New Year to all of our friends and family out there who have been with us in spirit. The next time I speak with you, it will be from Portugal. Hope 2021 continues to bless and fill your life with light, love, and all good things.

Great Christmas Light Show, N. Myrtle Beach, SC

River City Cafe and Surfside Beach

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