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Four Steps To Plan Our Nomadic Lifestyle

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Originally posted 7/31/2018

After being inspired by the many families out there who are living the nomadic family lifestyle, I am ready to get us on our way.

Step 1: Get The Family On Board

The first step for me in planning our nomadic lifestyle was getting the family on board. Kids, check! Me, check! Husband, che...wait, not so much. We just had a discussion about it and he hasn’t quite subscribed to the idea yet. Meaning, he wants to build a decent savings account and have businesses that are making money online before going any further. All legitimate concerns, I know. This leads me to my subsequent point.

Step 2: Evaluate Income Sources

For many years my husband has been working as a motion designer/animator. He recently started an online jewelry business. After learning software for sculpting, he found a great passion for designing jewelry. The site is finally live at!

I have been a writer my whole life, from songwriting, journaling, penning short stories, and copywriting. This blog is my passion project, not just for generating an income but allowing me the freedom to follow my dream of traveling the world with my family.

Step 3: Planning and Research

Our goal is to begin our journey in the summer of 2019.

Now I am taking on the task of researching various countries for our big plunge into nomadism. This step is a little daunting, but from what I hear online, it is completely normal. The biggest challenge I see ahead is just going for it. This is how I have convinced myself to do many things in my life. When I get uncomfortable about doing something that is unfamiliar, I force myself to push through and do it. I just want to prove to myself that I can accomplish anything without being controlled by my mind.

There are some places we have in mind: Costa Rica, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, France, and Spain. I have been hearing a lot of good things about these countries, and intend to do my homework to see what might work for us.

So far, this is where we are in the process. We have a little way to go before we get in deep with this lifestyle. I will keep you posted.

Step 4: Selling Items For The Nomadic Transition

We have deconstructed our garage and have a huge pile of stuff that we are planning to sell at one of many garage sales. As we go through our house I am always looking for things we can sell today. I have multiple items listed on Craigslist and Marketplace. Eventually, as we get closer to the end date, we will have a moving sale to off-load the big items. Lucky for us, we don’t have a huge house filled with stuff, be we do have our fair share of odds and ends.

So that is where we are in the process. Please join us on our journey by signing up for email notifications on new posts and updates.

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