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How To Travel For Teens

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Travel For Teens

My teenage son loves to be involved in what we are doing. So what better way than to allow him to help with travel planning. He, also, appreciates any excuse to browse the web so it is a perfect match.

Start by giving a little guidance if you have a specific area you are looking to travel to.

Have teens start with info on the region you all plan on visiting. Followed by:

  • Air travel costs if needed.

  • Best places to stay or see in that region.

  • Cost of local food, accommodations, and sights.

  • Local favorites in the area.

  • What language is spoken? Learn a few phrases to get by.

  • Reviews on restaurants and hotels.

  • Local travel once you arrive at your destination. Do you get around by rental car, bus, train, taxi, walking, biking, etc.?

Know Your Teen

Having your teen do the research, gives them an awareness of what excursions will require them to rise early or arrive at a specific time. In turn, this will make them less likely to get annoyed when they have to be up at the crack of dawn for that hike around the volcano. Or they can make the decision to skip one event for another. They can understand the costs, which teaches the value in one thing over another. For example, a 3-hour canoe rental may be cheaper than a 20-minute parasail ride. It is a matter of preference in their final choice but gives them an understanding of how decisions are made.

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