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Legoland San Diego

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Legoland San Deigo Tickets At a Discount

Black Friday I lucked out and scored tickets for our family to take a trip to Legoland San Diego. It had been our plan this year to take the kids to Legoland for Christmas, versus spending on toys that are just going to end up at our next garage sale.

Unfortunately, all the coupons I had intended to use expired. I was perusing the web searching for some deals and came across Legoland’s Black Friday deal. Tickets were $59.99 apiece for the day at Legoland park and the Sea Aquarium. Note, parking is not included and was an extra $20 per car. Additionally, the tickets could only be used between January 2, 2019, and March 2019. That was fine with us!

Once we picked our date to go (which by the way was January 2nd), we decided to get a plan together. The park is relatively small compared to other theme parks, but it is fair to say 2 days would probably cover everything.

Pre-Organize The Day At Legoland

Since we were only going the one day, also, the busiest time (during Winter break) we knew we’d be waiting longer in the lines. The kids picked out the rides they wanted to go on ahead of time online. We printed a map and circled them out.

We decided to see the aquarium on our way into the park. The park was open 10 am-6 pm that day. So we decided to get there right at opening and stay till closing.

Another thing to note, you can bring in snacks and small lunch items. They say no outside food, but if you keep it low-key (no big coolers) you will be fine. We packed some sandwiches, fruit, snacks, and water.

We were set to go!

Our Day At Legoland San Diego

This is an example of moving on to plan B. We were set to start off with the aquarium as we made our way inside, but the aquarium was closed until 11 am that morning. We ventured on and decided to return to the aquarium at the end of the night on the way out.

The kids were so excited we ended up on a few extra rides we hadn’t planned. It was crowded and wait times were 45-1 ½ hours depending on the popularity of the ride.

After about 3 rides we had our lunch and the kids played at Pharoah’s Revenge. They had a lot of fun shooting people with the soft foam balls. It gave us a few minutes to sit and relax since this one had no wait!

The day was a whirlwind of rides and fun. The kids had a blast! The grand finale ride was the driving school. First up, was 5-year-old, Vallen, who went to the Junior Driving School and had about a 30-minute wait. Old man Vincent, our 13-year-old did the Driving School about 3 times during that 30-minute stint. Obviously, 3 to 5-year-olds are not the fastest drivers (wink wink).

We made our way to the aquarium and even bumped into friends of ours along the way. As planned, we made it there one hour before closing. We didn’t know at the time, but the aquarium stays open one hour later than the park. Good to know if you want to maximize your time and get the full day in at the park.

Legoland Water Park

We have never been to Legoland Water Park. The kids would love to go there. We may have to explore that another time. As of January 2019, it is closed and will not be opening until the Spring.

The Experience

Overall, we had a great time. Both of our kids really enjoyed it. There is a lot to see for both age groups, but it is not an overwhelming park. The fact that it is fairly small with shorter wait times than major theme parks made this a mom and dad favorite! Definitely worth the visit. Next time I would like to look inside the hotel lobbies. The two Lego hotels onsite look very cute from the outside.

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